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Top 4 European Cities to Visit

A beautiful and attractive city in Latvia promotes proud influence and tradition. The capital city Riga was settled in the 2nd century on the Daugava River and has a cultural captivating environment that offers numerous touristic attractions. For example, the Riga castle from the 14th century built by Livonian order receives thousands of tourists every year and is the historical center of Riga, protected by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) since 1997 because of its substantial cultural importance.


Richard Wagner, one of the famous European compositors lived in Riga and many more famous artists and composers get their inspiration from this incredible location. Also see the beautiful cathedral, TV Tower and the Riga City Council which is in the busy town hall square.

Full of historical renaissance, Valletta is located on the larger island of Malta and is a smaller capital city with a population of only 7000 people. Well known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate while looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea, if you’re looking for nice summer vacation with blue lagoons then this could be the right place for you.

The size is an advantage for travelers getting around; you can take a bus to Golden Bay in a convenient short amount of time. Some attractions include the Maltese Carnival in February, Saint Barbara Church, and St. John’s Cathedral.


This iconic, elegant and majestic city of Paris is one of the most popular symbols of the modern European society today.


A sophisticated city on every travelers recommendation guide, this destination allows you to embrace the true culture of Europe, starting with Hotel de Ville (City Hall) which has been grounded at the same place for 7 long centuries and the Louvre Museum which is the most renowned museum in the world.

This is the reason why Paris is the European cultural hub for commuting connoisseurs. Other special attractions include the Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower and the Napoleon Triumphal Gate (which is second biggest in the world).


Three cities united as one in 1873, the Hungarian Capital, Budapest, is the mix of modern Hungary and Ottoman culture. The Importance of Budapest are the magnificent castles and one, in particular, the famous Buda Castle, a historical complex that was built in 1265!

If you love politics you’ll be impressed by the prominent Hungarian parliament building which was built with Gothic revival architecture. The entire world can be represented by certain attractions in Budapest, a must-see for European travelers.

Tons of wonderful vacation options are available for all types of travelers to Europe and locals will welcome you with warmth and by open arms while you experience this fascinating “Old World” way of life.

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